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SKYPORT Lot Highlights:

  • Fee Simple Land Ownership
  • No airport access fees
  • Residential living quarters permitted and encouraged
  • Fully Serviced
  • Personal RV parking and storage permitted

Airport Highlights:

  • 24 hour 100LL fuel available
  • 24 hour pilot lounge access
  • Courtesy Car
  • Direct runway access to Reynolds-Alberta Museum, and Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame
  • Outside Edmonton's controlled airspace
  • More Information...

On Site Businesses:

  • Flight training
  • Aircraft painting and upholstery
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft rental
  • Charter services
  • Vintage aircraft rides
  • Aerial photography
  • Flight training
  • Aerial agricultural application/spraying
  • RV camper/accessory manufacturing
Skyport Properties
Skyport Video

Join us on a virtual fly-over of Skyport Properties.

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An atrium-like lounge provides a modern, clean environment as an excellent waiting area, or meeting area for aviation enthusiasts, clients, and passengers. The separate pilots' lounge offers 24 hour access to washrooms, refreshments and flight planning facilities.

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Proposed Airport Extension
Community initiatives exist and there is an intention by the City of Wetaskiwin for the extension to the runway, taxiways, aprons and tie-down surfaces.

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Hangar Concepts and Construction
Hangar concepts available at Aerco Developments
P: 780-352-3959

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City in Motion
Wetaskiwin, the City in Motion, is home to 12,500 residents. It has all the amenities of a large urban centre, while maintaining a small town appeal.